Private Yoga Therapy Classes for Beginners in Singapore

Healthtinity's Signature: Private Yoga Classes

At Healthtinity, we redefine wellness through our signature private yoga classes, bringing the ancient practice of yoga to the contemporary setting of Singapore. Our commitment to holistic well-being is reflected in our tailored approach to private yoga, offering a personalised experience that caters to individuals’ unique needs in Singapore.

Private Yoga Therapy in Singapore

Embark on a transformative journey with our specialised private yoga therapy classes in Singapore, addressing physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Our experienced instructors guide individuals through targeted practices, employing yoga as a therapeutic tool. Delve into the realm of healing through private yoga classes, tailored to alleviate specific concerns and promote overall wellness.

Levels of Private Yoga Classes

Discover the beauty of yoga therapy at your own pace with our private classes in Singapore, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Beginners can expect a gentle introduction to foundational poses and breathing techniques, fostering a solid understanding of the practice. Intermediate and advanced private yoga classes delve deeper into complex postures, meditation, and advanced breathing practices, offering a more profound exploration of yoga’s myriad benefits.

What to Expect

Whether you are a novice or an experienced yogi, our private yoga therapy classes in Singapore guarantee a personalised experience. Learn the fundamentals, enhance your practice, or address specific concerns under the guidance of our skilled instructors. Uncover the transformative power of yoga, embracing physical flexibility, mental clarity, and emotional balance. Join Healthtinity’s private yoga therapy classes in Singapore to embark on a holistic journey towards well-being.

Services & Amenities

Yoga Therapy Singapore

Dedicated Room & Conducive Environment

Designed for the best private yoga therapy class experience. A dedicated room is available for your personal yoga needs, giving you a private and comfortable environment for discussing your health matters with your coach.

Private Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Therapy Classes for People with Health Conditions

It is not just regular yoga classes, its yoga therapy classes! Achieve all your fitness goals all in one.

Special Concierge services such as *child-sitting and *pet-sitting are available upon request. We take care of the matters at heart so that you can have a stress-free private yoga class session. Extended *valet parking services are available if you run late for your sessions.

Private Yoga Therapy

On-Demand 1:1 Video Call

As long as you are ready, our yoga class coach in Singapore is here for you wherever you may be around the world.

As our private client, you will also enjoy an ensuite of on-demand offsite services such as 1:1 video calls with your coach for a private yoga therapy class. So you will never be far from your health goal, even on a business trip.  

Features & Benefits

Customised Private Yoga Therapy Classes

Each of your private yoga therapy class sessions is uniquely designed for a refreshingly different experience. Whatever your goal is, Our coaches are on hand to help you reach it. Our private yoga class sessions in Singapore are available for booking from Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 8 pm, depending on slot availability. Also, as our Private Client, you have priority access to our team of wellness professionals helmed by our Head coach for any timely health & fitness advisory.

Our Three Steps Approach

1. Always Listening

We listen to understand your needs before tailoring a program.

2. Clear And Simple

We do not believe in jargon; we believe in clarity and transparency.

3. Our Focus Is You

We are here to meet your needs, and to achieve the health goals you care about.

Benefits of Private Yoga Classes for Beginners in Singapore

Embarking on a yoga journey can be both exciting and transformative, especially for beginners in Singapore. Healthtinity’s private yoga therapy classes in Singapore offer a unique and tailored approach, providing numerous benefits for those new to the practice.

Personalized Guidance

In private yoga therapy classes, beginners receive personalised attention and guidance from the experienced instructors at Healthtinity Singapore. This one-on-one interaction allows instructors to understand individual needs, adapting the practice to suit each person’s unique body and abilities. This personalised approach ensures a safe and effective introduction to yoga, making it accessible for individuals with varying levels of fitness and flexibility.

Customized Learning Experience

Private yoga classes cater to the specific goals and preferences of beginners. Whether you aim to enhance flexibility, alleviate stress, or improve overall well-being, the sessions can be customised to meet these objectives. The tailored nature of private classes enables beginners to progress at their own pace, fostering a sense of accomplishment and motivation.

Comfort and Convenience

Private classes offer a comfortable and convenient setting for beginners to explore yoga. Without the potential distractions of a group setting, individuals can focus on their practice, building a strong foundation and confidence. Additionally, the convenience of scheduling sessions at preferred times ensures that beginners can easily integrate yoga into their lifestyle, fostering consistency and long-term commitment.

Types of Private Yoga Therapy Classes in Singapore

Yoga For Beginners Singapore

Cost of Private Yoga Therapy Classes in Singapore

Embark on a transformative journey with Healthtinity’s private yoga therapy classes in Singapore, where we offer flexible and accessible pricing options tailored to individual needs. Explore the range of packages designed to accommodate diverse preferences and schedules:

1. 3 Trial Classes

Valid for 30 days

Activate upon first use

Price: $55

2. 30 Class Pack

Shareable with another buddy

Activate upon first use (Valid 6 months)

Price: $660

3. 50 Class Pack

Shareable with another buddy

Activate upon first use (Valid 12 months)

3x payment plan of $336 available upon request

Price: $1008

4. 120+30 Class Pack

150 classes

Shareable with 4 other buddies

Activate upon first use (Valid 18 months)

3x payment plan of $750 available upon request

Price: $2250

5. 80 Class Pack

Shareable with 2 friends

Activate upon first use (Valid 12 months)

3x payment plan of $510 available upon request

Price: $1530

6. 10 Class Pack

Shareable with 1 friend

Activate upon first use (Valid for 6 Months)

Price: $270

7. Unlimited Monthly Membership

12 months unlimited


Price: $180 p/m

$360 early termination fees apply

Monthly payment by credit card only

8. Weekly Unlimited



Minimum one (1) month commitment

Weekly payment by credit card only

9. 12+2 Months Unlimited

Price: $2160


3x payment plan of $720 available

Embark on your wellness journey with Healthtinity’s private yoga therapy classes, where flexible pricing options meet individual preferences and commitment levels.

Our Private Yoga Therapy Coaches in Singapore

Experience the transformative power of yoga therapy in Singapore with our expert private yoga coaches at Healthtinity. Our coaches bring a wealth of knowledge, guiding individuals through tailored sessions that address physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Meet our dedicated coaches:

Yoga Instructors Singapore | Kai



Yoga Instructors Singapore | Sonia



Yoga Instructors Singapore | Robin


Studio Chief

Yoga Instructors Singapore | Celeste


Senior Teacher

Yoga Instructors Singapore | Pei Qing

Pei Qing

Senior Teacher

Yoga Instructors Singapore | Zenn


Senior Teacher

Yoga Instructors Singapore | David


Senior Teacher

Yoga Instructors Singapore | Rachelle


Senior Teacher

Yoga Instructors Singapore | Agnes


Senior Teacher









Private Yoga Class Testimonials

"Sonia guided me through a transformative private yoga therapy session, addressing my specific concerns. The personalised approach made a significant difference in my overall well-being."
"Yoga for beginners in Singapore at Healthtinity was an enriching experience. The tailored classes eased me into the practice, fostering a sense of accomplishment and relaxation."
"Pei Qing is not just an instructor; she's a wellness partner. Private yoga classes have become a crucial part of my routine, providing both physical and mental rejuvenation."

Frequently Asked Questions

Private yoga therapy involves one-on-one sessions with a qualified instructor, tailoring the practice to individual needs. It integrates traditional yoga with therapeutic techniques to address specific health and wellness goals.

Private yoga therapy offers personalised guidance, addressing physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Benefits include stress reduction, improved flexibility, and targeted practices for specific concerns.

Private yoga provides individual attention, focusing on personal goals and concerns. It allows for a more tailored experience compared to the generalized approach of group classes.

Absolutely. Private sessions are ideal for beginners as they provide a gentle introduction, focusing on foundational poses and gradual progression tailored to individual capabilities.

Yes, private yoga therapy is suitable for various medical conditions. Instructors work with individuals to create a practice that complements medical treatment and promotes overall well-being.

Session duration varies but typically ranges from 60 to 90 minutes. The length is flexible and can be adjusted based on individual preferences and goals.

While prices may vary, private sessions offer personalised attention and customised practices. Many find the investment worthwhile for the focused guidance and transformative benefits.

Scheduling is typically flexible. Contact our team or check our online platform to book sessions at times that suit your schedule.

Healthtinity offer shareable packages where you can attend private sessions with a friend or family member.

Yes, our studio now offers online private sessions, providing the flexibility to practice from the comfort of your own space. Ensure you have a suitable setup and a stable internet connection.

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