Reiki Training Courses

What is Reiki Virya?

Reiki Virya, also known as Reiki Energy, is an ancient art of healing by laying hands. It was discovered by Mikao Usui from Japan in the 1200s and spread worldwide. This ancient art of healing helps millions rediscover the meaning of a healthy mind and healthy body.

To cater to the growing demand of stressful and busy executives seeking peace and mental wellness. Master Robin developed Reiki Virya. We can easily practice three simple steps of mindfulness meditation at home or work to help us find our equilibrium, focus and be grounded. 

Benefits of Reiki Virya 

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Experience Oneness with the Divine ‘Aham Brahmasmi’

Learn Reiki Near Me | Inner Peace

Experience Deep Sense Of Inner Peace

Reiki Courses | Better Sleep Quality

Experience Deeper Sleep Quality

Learn Reiki Near Me | Support Mental Wellness

Support Mental Wellness

Reiki Training

Reiki Virya Level 1 & Level 2 Workshop

These reiki courses are for anyone who wishes to harness the skills of Reiki Virya in their hands. Students are taught in length the theory and practice of Reiki and how to execute them properly.
Most students experience a deep sense of inner engineering after attending the reiki courses.

These reiki courses are specially curated by Master & Teacher Robin to suit anyone with or without any proper Reiki or energy works background. Healthtinity offers reiki courses as zoom sessions or Hybrid sessions so that you can learn reiki and not worry about finding reiki courses near you!

Reiki Virya Level

(Attunement + Certification)

In Level 1 of our reiki course, students will participate in two days of mindfulness, healing and self-awareness journey with Master Robin. This is an important process of the reiki course as we come from different walks of life. We hold different beliefs and values, which most of which are self-limiting thoughts or actions that sabotage our ability to heal within. Once we let go of those rocks in our hearts and feel light thereafter, This is where the connection to the true source happens.

Please take note that this is not an airy-fairy kind of reiki course or workshop. You will not levitate or be in any trance. If you are looking for such, you are on the wrong channel!

Day 1 ( 4 hours )

  1. Mindfulness Journey
  2.  Theories
  3.  Attunement
  4.  Virya Meditation

Day 2 ( 4 hours )

  1. Mindfulness Journey
  2. Practical 
  3. Crystal Healing 
  4. Certification

Reiki Virya Level 2

(Higher Attunement + Certification)


1. Participants should be a graduate of Reiki Virya Course Level 1.

2. Participants should be proficient in the Virya Meditation technique and complete at least 50 hours of Reiki practice.

3. Existing Reiki Course Level One student from another lineage will have to go through a mandatory basic Reiki proficiency assessment and attend a Basic Virya Meditation workshop.

Students will go through much intensive training on the methodologies of Reiki Virya. During the four days of the reiki course, You will be taught self-releasing methods to let go of pent-up negative emotions and thoughts through the meditation of ‘Aham Brahmasmi’.

During the reiki course you will also be taught the traditional Usui Reiki Symbols together with the Reiki Virya symbol. These powerful symbols when used appropriately, speed up healing and manifestation of goals at the speed of light!

Please take note that this is not an airy-fairy kind of reiki course or workshop. You will not levitate or be in any trance. If you are looking for such, you are on the wrong channel!

Day 1 & 2 ( 5 hours each )

  1. Level 1 Revision
  2. Mindfulness Journey
  3.  Higher Virya Meditation Techniques
  4. Traditional Reiki Symbols
  5.  Practical 
  6. Higher Attunement

Day 3 & 4 ( 5 hours each )

  1. Virya Meditation
  2.  Mindfulness Journey
  3. Practical
  4. Mantra & Virya symbols
  5. Protection Symbols
  6. Reiki Sharing

Reiki Virya Level 3

By Invitation Only

(Mastership Attunement + Certification)

Corporate Engagement #mindfitness

Supporting your employees mental wellness is not an easy task. At Healthtinity, our Mind Fitness programmes and activities are carefully selected and tailored to raise employees happiness and productivity. Our team of experts are ready on hand to guide you during our reiki course. Looking for reiki courses near you to learn today? Visit our studio or take our reiki course online on Zoom!

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“Fostering Healthy Happiness!”

Why Choose Our Reiki Courses at Healthtinity?

Embark on a transformative journey of healing and self-discovery with Healthtinity’s Reiki Courses. Our courses offer a unique and comprehensive approach to learning Reiki, providing participants with a deep understanding of this ancient energy healing practice.

Personalised Learning Experience

Healthtinity’s Reiki Courses are designed to cater to individuals at all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Our personalised approach ensures that each participant receives tailored guidance and support throughout their learning journey.

Experienced Instructors

Learn from experienced and certified Reiki instructors at Healthtinity who bring a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to the courses. Our instructors are dedicated to fostering a supportive and empowering learning environment.

Holistic Curriculum

Our Reiki courses encompass a holistic curriculum that goes beyond the basics. Participants gain a profound understanding of Reiki principles, energy healing techniques, and practical applications for promoting overall well-being.

Flexible Learning Options

Healthtinity offers flexible learning options, including in-person and online courses, allowing participants to choose the format that suits their schedule and preferences. This flexibility ensures accessibility for those seeking to “learn Reiki near me.”

Transformative Benefits

By choosing Healthtinity’s Reiki Courses, participants not only gain the knowledge and skills to practice Reiki but also experience a transformative journey towards enhanced physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Choose Healthtinity for an enriching and empowering Reiki learning experience. Join our Reiki Courses and unlock the healing potential within yourself.


What type of Mindfulness Experience can we choose from?

Every company has its dynamic and area to focus on. Please speak with us to tailor a customised #mindfitness programme suitable for your staff

How are the reiki course classes held?

The reiki course session can be held in our studio at Ang Mo Kio or your venue if your employees are working from home. We offer zoom sessions or Hybrid sessions as well so that you you don’t have to worry about finding reiki courses near you and learn reiki stress-free!

How long is each reiki course session?

Each reiki course session is about 1 hour. However, depending on the flow and dynamic of the participants, it may extend for another 15 to 20 mins.

Is this a religious base meditation session?

Meditation or Mindfulness practise does not belong to any religion. It is a practice of focusing on our present moment and developing our mind to be fit in terms of crisis or stressful moments at work.

We are interested, how do we get started?

Thank you for expressing interest in our reiki course, you may drop us an email or Whatsapp and we will arrange for a meetup session to further discuss the flow of the event. Find a reiki course near you and start learning today!